Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pat McGee Band at the Mercury Lounge

On Monday night, I saw Pat McGee Band at the Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side. This is a favorite haunt of mine, as they have great music, the stage area is manageable, and have reasonably priced drinks.

If you haven't heard me talk about Pat McGee yet, I probably haven't spoken to you in the last year or so. In which case: "hi! welcome back to my life!" My friend, Pink, introduced me to his music in January, when she heard he was doing a two-month residency stint at The Canal Room. His music could best be described as rock/folk but it was really his stage presence that initially drew me to him and his music. Pat's been around for a while and has released 7+ albums, his most recent, These Days (The Virginia Session), being one of my favorite albums of all time. While his band was with Warner Bros. Records and released a few singles, they remain an under-the-radar successful tour band.

The residency shows I went to earlier this year were all acoustic so I was psyched to hear the full band for the first time at The Mercury Lounge. Despite the fact that Pat sounded like he had lost his voice (most likely due to his rigorous touring schedule), it was an amazing high-energy show! I was anxious to hear some of my acoustic favorites with a full band behind it but every song sounded great. Star and I requested "How We Got There", a new song Pat wrote with Jason Mraz that I had only heard played solo, and it also sounded amazing and polished. He played another new song, "Release", which sounded equally great. I can't wait for their new record!

Pat will be recording his new album in New York starting in January so my fingers are crossed for another residency stint at The Canal Room. While I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the full band the other night, I have to say, nothing beats seeing Pat play solo at a venue like the CR. The intimate setting makes it seem like he's playing in your living room and his banter with the audience is refreshingly down-to-earth.

If you haven't already done so, please check out PMB! And if you feel overwhelmed by his vast song list, listen to: Rebecca, I Don't Think I'm Listening, Now, I Know, Annabel...etc.

And watch this video from one of the Canal Room shows:
Come Back Home - this features Garen from Kill The Alarm, another one of my fav bands

Happy Listening!

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