Monday, February 23, 2009

Roosevelt Island

This past weekend, my good friend, Smiles, and I traversed to Roosevelt Island for a run. I had never set foot on the Island and after watching Spiderman (yes, you know what I'm talking about), decided it wasn't something I was particularly into. However, I was looking for an easy, relatively flat run that didn't require stopping for stoplights, so Roosevelt Island it was!

As it was 9am on a wintry Saturday morning, the weather made the experience of exploring the island from the periphery a challenge. From the little I did see, I can confidently say that:

1) It is small.
2) There's a large beautiful building that Smiles joked was where the handicapped of Manhattan were banished.
3) Spiderman does not in fact live there.

The large beautiful building is actually called The Octagon and was originally an insane asylum. It is a national landmark and now apartment buildings. I'm definitely not doing the Island any justice by writing this post, so I'm going to have to recommend you wikipedia it and visit it at some point. I think that on a nicer day, it would be a very pleasant to walk around and look at all of the historical buildings. There are some nice grassy areas with great views of Manhattan and a Starbucks somewhere...

To get there, you can take the tram (using your Metrocard) or take the F. Once on the Island, you can take a leisurely stroll around the circumference or you can take the Island trolley which costs only 25 cents!

Happy exploring!

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