Friday, April 17, 2009

Vespa & Smorgas

Tonight, Penn, Smiles and I decided to treat ourselves to a ladies night out on the Upper East Side after a trying week at work. Smiles recommended a cute little Italian restaurant called Vespa that served homemade pasta. What a better way to reward yourself than with carbs?

The restaurant itself, which is on 84th and Second, was very cute. It was a narrow space but with mood lighting and soft music, it didn't seem claustrophobic at all. The manager came around with a plate of different kinds of homemade pasta they were serving, all of which looked...homemade. We could identify what everything was, except I was wondering what made the black linguine black? hm....

We started with the artichoke special, which none of us really knew how to eat, but dug into with gusto.

The middle was filled with breadcrumbs, garlic, olives and drizzled with olive oil and possibly butter.

I ordered the gnocchi with basil and parsley pesto, gorgonzola and walnut.

The gnocchi itself was a little soft, but with the pesto and creamy gorgonzola, it tasted smooth and delicious. The walnut sprinkled on top were a lovely surprise. I wasn't sure how it would all taste together, but the extra crunch was really satisfying. I'm not one to mix textures of food, but I have to say, this was a winning combination.

And of course, all of this was complemented by a glass of red wine. :)

After thoroughly stuffing ourselves with lovely pasta, we walked about thirty blocks to Smorgas for dessert. Smiles and I had gone to the one on Stone Street near our work a couple months ago and had an absolutely delicious meal that came with waffles for dessert. Yum! We were definitely craving something sweet after our dinner tonight, so we walked off a few calories and set our sights on waffles once again. When we had the Scandanavian Soft Vanilla Waffles on Stone Street, it came with three different sauces but the midtown restaurant served it with whipped cream and fruit preserves.

I went for the Queensberry preserves which is a mix of blueberries and raspberries.

You can also get it with Cloudberry which is a lighter colored berry that resembles a raspberry but is a little sweeter. Needless to say, it was DElicious and satisfying. It was wonderfully chewy but because it's pretty thin, it didn't feel too heavy. I had enough dairy for one night so I nixed the whipped cream, but it was still delightful. You can tell it came straight from the waffle maker because it was still warm and a little mis-shapen. We paired our dessert with a peach apricot tea that came in this cute little teapot...

With the company of wonderful friends, I can say that it was a most enjoyable and delicious night. I definitely recommend both restaurants!

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