Friday, April 10, 2009

Yo In Yo Out

Last Sunday, I ran a 4-mile race in Central Park with my lovely friends, Fanta and Star. While I can't say my run was particularly enjoyable, thinking about my next meal certainly kept me motivated to cross the finish line.

My best friend, Doctor, lives in Yorkville so her and her boyfriend met the three of us for brunch at one of their favorite restaurants in East Harlem. It's a little French cafe/restaurant called Yo In Yo Out and it's located on 1569 Lexington Ave. between 100th and 101st Street.

Let me just say, not only was the food delicious, the service fabulous, but it was SO affordable! It's a mid-sized restaurant with some couches by the windows and seating on the other side. There's also a counter with a register and a view of the delicious-looking pastries they serve.

I ordered a crepe with prociutto and mozzarella and it came with a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette. The crepe was pretty substantial and not as light as I have had them in the past, but as it was breakfast/brunch, I thoroughly appreciated the extra protein and eggy texture. The coffee was also delicious and only ONE DOLLAR with free refills, of course. Heaven!!! They have what looks like homemade sugar cubes on the table as well, which I had to indulge in. I can fully respect cafes that don't have fake sugar on their tables. Nobody needs those chemicals...

Doctor got her favorite crepe with mushrooms, goat cheese, and something else, and it was DIVINE! I think I liked it better than my entree, actually. Other dishes my friends got were: crepe with Nutella and bananas (smelled delish!), chocolate croissant, chocolate muffin, and bagel with a whole lotta lox. I didn't taste all of them but they all got good reviews! My crepes were $8 and with a $1 coffee, you really can't go wrong. I will definitely be going back very soon! :)

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