Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flat Sarah and Red Mango

Guy had come into town along with Flat Sarah, sent from California by his niece. If you haven't read the 1960s Flat Stanley books, you're missing out! It's a children's book about how Stanley gets squished by a bulletin board and has many adventures, including being sent in the mail to wonderful places! With Flat Sarah in hand (actually, in a folder) we decided to have our own New York adventure - visiting landmarks and other fun places!

First stop was Times Square, but I wasn't brave enough to pull out my camera. We then moseyed east to Grand Central Station.

We then walked to the Library and then down to the Empire State Building...

Can you spot Flat Sarah?

Of course, we couldn't come to the Empire State Building and NOT have either Pinkberry or Red Mango! Guy had never tried Red Mango before, so of course, we had to stop there.

I love frozen yogurts SOOOOO much better than ice cream for so many reasons, and for those who are not convinced yet, I would try Red Mango before trying Pinkberry. Red Mango's yogurt is a little bit creamier and sweeter, making it more like a soft ice cream. It still has the tartness of yogurt, but not as much as Pinkberry. I usually get the original flavored Red Mango with dark chocolate and mochi, but we both decided to try the new flavor - tangomonium. Now, I've tried the pomegranate flavor and was not that impressed, but the tangomonium was a clear winner! All it says on their website is that it is a secret recipe and has "notes of fruit and citrus". It's definitely light and refreshing and perfect for the summer! Guy and I decided (prior to looking at the website) that it had hints of tangerine... But definitely go try it for yourself!

Guy and Flat Sarah had the tangomonium with raspberries, watermelon, and strawberries...

Mine was topped with mango and strawberries...

Thank you, Guy, for teaching me how to use the macro option on my camera.

Here we are - enjoying our concoctions!

After finishing off our snack, we headed to the Flat Iron Building where we then found a street fair going on!

We ended our adventures with Flat Sarah in Union Square where we went to the farmer's market and then met our friends for some Max Brenner (which I will blog about later!)