Friday, June 26, 2009


The other day, Fanta brought home these wonderful cupcakes from Babycakes down on Broome. Not only are these cupcakes delicious but they were also gluten, dairy, egg, and soy free and sweetened with agave, not sugar.

Now, I know you're thinking - "how could cupcakes made without those ingredients taste good?!" but OH MY GOSH, they were surprisingly good! The cake itself was a little denser than most cupcakes which I appreciated because it made it more "cake-like" and the icing, although a little melty, tasted like regular icing.

Fanta got vanilla with lemon frosting, carrot with vanilla frosting and chocolate with chocolate frosting. They all tasted deliciosa but even more so because they just make you feel healthier eating it and it wasn't sickeningly sweet. I'm sorry that they're already cut up in the pictures but I didn't break out my camera until the chocolate cupcake was halfway to Fanta's mouth. I made her put it back down until I got my camera :) Such a great roomie!

Here is the carrot and chocolate...

and the vanilla with lemon frosting...

Again, all were delicious but my favorite was the vanilla cupcake. Fanta likes the carrot one the best but it was a little too spicy for my taste.

The cupcakes are a bit pricey ($3.95-$4.25) but worth it if you're allergic to any of the omitted ingredients. Roomie also tells me that the brownies there are also divine.

I definitely recommend them if your wallet can handle it!

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