Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blueberry Fig Bars

While on one of my Whole Foods shopping sprees (which will not happen in the next 30 days...ahem) I found these Blueberry Fig Bars by Barbara's Bakery.

Barbara's Bakery also makes Puffins, which I know many of you love, so I gave them a try. I'm a big fan of Fig Newtons but I find the outside (crust?) a little too dry and the filling a little too sweet. I also don't like the little grains in the filling. But they're still a great comfort food.

I've also tried Newman's Own Fig Newman's and while a healthier option, were just so-so. But these were DELICIOUS! They had two kinds at the store - whole wheat fig bars and blueberry fig bars - but I'm a big fan of blueberry flavored things (not so much actual blueberries) so I went for the latter.

Let me tell you - these are probably my favorite store bought cookies ever. They're all natural so they don't have hydrogenated oil (trans fat), refined white sugar, or artificial additives and preservatives.

And the best part is the crust portion is wonderfully moist and the filling was smooth and delicious. Definitely not overpoweringly sweet.

They also have other flavors - Apple Cinnamon, Raspberry, Traditional, Whole Wheat, and Wheat Free! I can't wait to try the raspberry one...

Needless to say, I highly recommend it. It's great with a glass of soy milk after dinner. Yummers!

I would especially recommend it to people who don't really like sweets (Sonoko) but want a healthy dessert on occasion.

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  1. Apple Cinnamon, I'm going to have to check these out. Remember when they made apple cinnamon newtons - those were the best - but they're discontinued - maybe these will be even tastier! Thanks for the product rec Shi!