Friday, July 17, 2009


Wow, talk about a dedicated blogger (<-me)! It's 1am and I've officially waited 20 minutes for these two pictures to load so I won't miss a day of blogging! My internet is a little on the blink so I'm currently stealing wireless from a neighbor, thus making my uploading a little slow...

Anyway, this is going to be quick since I'm already half asleep! I wanted to share with you a genius trick I learned in some magazine or tv show:

You know when you have a jar that could have thousands of uses but you end up throwing it away since you can't get the glue gunk off? (I apologize - I'm pretty sure the previous sentence is not grammatically correct and possibly doesn't make sense but it's late and you get the drift)

Well, if you put a good, healthy layer of body moisturizer all over the gluey parts and leave it on for about twenty minutes...

You'll be able to scrape off the label with a pair of tweezers or credit card! It's slides RIGHT OFF and doesn't make a mess!

Jar saved!!! You can do this if you have old stickers that you put on a mirror or whatnot. I suggest not using moisturizer that's colored and certainly not an expensive one!

The anal-retentive side of me loves clean looking jars. It may require a tad bit of elbow-grease but SO worth it for a pretty jar that you can use again and again!

Good night!!!


  1. Shi, I am definitely impressed that you were blogging at 1AM after J Bar!!! You are a very committed blogger. And thanks for the tips about the jars...

  2. I love this tip - thanks for sharing!!!!! I'm totally de-gluing all of my glass jars this weekend :)