Friday, July 31, 2009

Refined Sugar Day

A few weeks ago, my lovely co-worker Katy and I found ourselves getting snacks quite frequently during the week. While I can say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our treats, we thought it may be a good idea to limit the number of days in a week we got dessert. Therefore, we decided to only go once a week and make it a special occasion.

We both share a love of rainbow cookies from Nussbaum, a bakery on 113th and Broadway, so that's where we usually find ourselves on our Refined Sugar Days.

Everytime I'm in the area for dinner, I always stop by here for dessert! It's SOOOOO good!

I've tried most of their desserts, I'm sure, but besides rainbow cookies, my favorite is the all-white black and white cookie and the rainbow sprinkle cookies. As an undergrad, my good friend Laura and I would always get the rainbow sprinkle ones and when she walked to my apartment on 116th from her apartment on 110th, she would often stop by and get me one!

Katy and I both got three rainbow cookies. It set me back $3! When I was in college, three of these little guys would only cost $1.50. How times have changed...

There are two reasons why I will shell out money for these delicious cookies. One, they're the moist-est rainbow cookies I have EVER had! And two, they use semi-sweet chocolate and not sickeningly sweet milk chocolate, like most bakeries do. They use a good amount of chocolate on top AND they are always served cold so the chocolate is quite hard. Yum! When I go home to Jersey straight from work, I try to buy some for my mom, who also loves them. My mom does not like sweet things so the fact that she likes these cookies is a BIG deal! Quality, people!!!

I love these so much I'm looking for a recipe so I can re-create it myself. So far I haven't found an acceptable recipe so it looks like I'll have to keep searching or just modify the ones I've seen online. Please let me know if you have a good recipe for rainbow cookies though!

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