Monday, July 27, 2009

Salad and Salad

I probably won't be posting a lot of recipes this week since my mother took care of that for me so I'm going to post what I had for dinner tonight even though it's not really a "recipe." Although I will say, I'm saving my chocolate chip biscotti post for a night when I have nothing to say... I know you're all anxiously awaiting that day.

My mom gave me these beautiful English cucumbers and plum tomatoes from the farmer's market so I decided to make a simple salad out of it.

Dice up cucumber and tomatoes, drizzle extra virgin olive oil, and add salt and pepper to taste.

I contemplated tossing in the last of my olives into the "salad" but I decided to put it into my egg salad sandwich instead to substitute the salt I put into the sandwich.

Ingredients - two hard boiled eggs, diced olives, tablespoon of mayo, teaspoon of mustard (although I ended up putting in a little too much), salt and pepper to taste.

Smush it all together and put on a bed of spinach leaves...

Yum! Again, no stove or oven! Love it!


  1. !!!!! looks sooooo yummy, I will have to post mine, if I ever get around to making it. haha.

  2. yes, please! and i'm loving the new pictures on YOUR blog: