Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I met my sister tonight for dinner at Sophie's on Lexington between 40th and 41st. It's a casual Cuban restaurant with quick service!

When I arrived at 6:00ish, the restaurant was about half full with more people trickling in. For a chain restaurant in midtown, I thought that was a good sign! It's really clean, too, which I appreciated.

I ordered the breaded chicken with rice and beans. I was debating between that and the Cuban sandwich but I really wanted the rice and beans. They were delicious - albeit a little on the salty side - and the chicken was nice and juicy. It was really thin so I gobbled the whole thing up! Yum!

I've been eating so much chicken these past few days I'll probably turn into a chicken...

My sister got the spicy grilled chicken which was also very yummy. You don't initially get a kick from the spice but after a few seconds in your mouth, you definitely get hit with it! Be careful! I was a little jealous hers actually came with some veggies...

And the best part was the green sauce.

I have no clue what's in this sauce but it was creamy, spicy, and absolutely delicious! I was very generous with the sauce.

The best part about this meal (aside from the company, of course) was the price! Both of our entrees were $8 each! Definitely worth it for the price and the yum-factor.

In other news, I just saw a firefly outside my window. Yay for summer!!!

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  1. Super yummy! The green sauce is DEFINITELY key. :)