Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Worth the Money

I read a great little article on Savvy Sugar called "Things That Are Worth the Money" and I wanted to share it with you all. I really think that, aside from my current $200 fast, it's worth it to save and spend some money on a few key, quality things.

Here's the list:

1) Insurance - I keep meaning to get renter's insurance because I KNOW (as does my sister) that it's worth it. You just never know what's going to happen!

2) Culture - ie: museum trips, lectures...etc.

3) Doctor's Visit - this is one that I have to keep reminding myself because I hate going to the doctor.

4) Education

5) A Good Haircut - I'm not quite sure about this one but I certainly don't suggest going to like Supercuts because inevitably, you'll be disappointed and have to pay more money to fix. That being said, I think middle-of-the-road hair places are perfectly acceptable.

6) Your Well-Being - TOTALLY agree. If you won't work out unless you're at a gym, definitely splurge for the membership.

7) Home Maintenance/Repair

8) A Sharp Interview Outfit - also on the fence about this one...

9) Well-Made Shoes - I think that this is true although there's no need to go and buy those Gucci shoes if you can't afford it. But CHEAP shoes are NEVER worth it!

10) Travel - I must keep telling myself this...

11) Visiting Family and Friends - Seattle, here I come! ;)

This list definitely motivates me to save! I fell off the wagon a little last night but I'm back on my fast. I still have $149 left with 22 days left...


  1. I love this list. Brilliant. And for all you readers out there, GET RENTER'S INSURANCE! Such a small price to pay per year, and although it's one of those "you never need it until you need it" kind of things, it is worth every penny!!! And the sooner the better - my apartment burned down less than a month after moving into it... Lesson learned.

  2. i agree with all... and my well-being is very much tied to good shoes ; ) has anyone else noticed that most well-known shoe brands have turned to synthetic materials- i'm assuming to keep price down-- but they can't fool me!

  3. Colette, you're hilarious. I love you and hope you never change. :)