Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Reveal and Tofu Parmesan

What a Monday!

It started out a little rough. The subways were super-slow which did not make me happy since I left my apartment 20 minutes earlier than usual in order to give myself some quiet time at work to get through my emails after being away for a week. (wow, that was a long sentence!) I got to work a little bit before 9, making my commute over an hour long! Once I was there, my key didn't seem to work so I struggled for a bit until my co-worker came to open the door. Apparently they had changed the locks while I was gone for security reasons. I was hot and already tired but it was nice to catch up with my co-workers.

Once I got to my desk, there was a cute little package with familiar handwriting on it waiting for me. I'll do the reveal a little later. But little by little, my day shaped up! I got a lot of work done, spoke to some alumnae who were just fabulous and then met my friend Beth, who will be leaving for Germany in a couple days, for some Pinkberry. We started talking about going to BlogHer next year to learn more about blogging. After some discussion, I decided to finally take the leap and call my blog a "food blog," which I had been resisting for a while. It's a lot of pressure to write only about food but I think I'm up for the challenge. Beth gave me some great ideas to get my creative juices flowing and now I'm super excited for my new blog!

As you can see, I also changed the name of my blog to better reflect the new direction. I'll try to keep it food-related but I'm sure I'll sneak in fun activities that I do as well.


After having Pinkberry, I wasn't too hungry but wanted to eat some food with a little nutrients in it. I've had tofu sitting in my fridge for over a month now and every time I opened the fridge, it gave me a guilt trip because I still hadn't used it. I saw a post by Kath a few weeks ago that featured an Tofu Eggplant Parmesan dish so I thought I could tweak the recipe a bit to use up some stuff in my fridge.

As you may remember, my mom had given me some groceries to sustain me, including marinara sauce, so I used it to make this parmesan.

All you do is cut the tofu in half (use extra firm), put two tablespoons of marinara sauce on it, and add mozzarella cheese. I still had pesto sauce which I'm sure is probably on its way out and added that on top for good measure.

Make sure to put in on tin foil and put in toaster oven for 5 minutes. This was another great summertime meal because you don't have to use the stove or oven so it doesn't overheat the apartment. The clean up is also super easy!

Look at how pretty it turned out!

I have to say, this was one of the best meals I've "made" in a long time. The tofu doesn't really taste like anything (it's pure texture) so it really brought out the toppings. I'm so glad I had leftover pesto because it turns out, it really made the dish! It was a lovely mixture of salty with the sweetness of the sauce and all of the textures went well together. It was so refreshing and light and obviously very easy to put together! I will definitely be making this again.

It was such a lovely way to end a lovely day!

To get back to my Monday morning surprise, one of my best friends, Kate, sent me this cute little package in the mail.

I wish you could've seen the wrapping! It was just as cute as the presents! She wrapped it with cute pastel ribbon and it was so Kate! Artistic, pretty, clean, and neat. Love it!

In it, contained this "taterpot" which is a little planting pot that has all the ingredients for a basil plant! I love the pot because it's a happy little potato. :)

And I had never seen this one before, but it was a matchstick garden where the seeds are embedded into the little match sticks!

You just stick it in soil and it grows! They're tomatoes, basil and oregano, making it an Italian garden! I'm SOOOOO excited about this - you have no idea. I've wanted an herb garden for such a long time because I hate having to buy huge bunches of herbs and then wasting them because I don't use all of it up. This is the perfect solution!

Thanks, Kate! I miss you but we shall plan a trip to Japan - possibly next year?! Zach and Mike - you may join us if you like ;)

Good night, blog friends! And don't forget to update your bookmarks with my new address because I know you bookmark it and read it every day. Right?!


  1. Congrats on making the switch Shi - I'm excited to see the new direction you're going in - and can't wait to try many of your delicious recipes!!! Tofu...maybe I'll get adventurous in September and try it:)