Monday, August 31, 2009

Friends + Food = Good Times

This weekend, my friend from high school, Kim, came over for dinner. Now, as you all know, I've been thinking about making bruschetta ever since I saw Julie and Julia. In the movie, Julie, the blogger, sauteed the baguette in a pan FULL of butter, and I could smell the deliciousness through the movie screen!

I tried to recreate that moment in person but unfortunately, it didn't turn out so lovely. First of all, I didn't put nearly enough butter in the pan. I also think that the heat was too low the first time so I cranked it up for the other side and the butter ended up burning a bit, making the other side a bit gray-ish.

It tasted great, though, as butter and bread usually does, so it turned out to be okay. I was sad to learn though that authentic bruschetta doesn't contain onions so the recipe just consisted of two large diced tomatoes, 2 Tablespoons basil, salt, and pepper.

Kim was a good sport and ate even the gray bread. :)

I then made baked zucchini fries using zucchini I bought at the Farmers Markets the other day. The recipe is from including a few adjustments.

2 large zucchinis cut into 3 inch sticks
1 egg (you can use egg whites)
1/4 cup skim milk
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan
1/2 cup seasoned breadcrumbs


Preheat oven to 425°.

Whisk egg in a shallow bowl and add milk.

Combine Parmesan and seasoned breadcrumbs in a separate bowl.

Dip zucchini sticks into egg mixture, and then roll in breadcrumb mixture.

Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray, and place zucchini on sheet. Bake for 25–30 minutes or until golden brown. Makes about 32 fries.

Kim had read my post on my new love of beets so she brought over a fresh beet salad! This is a dish that her mother and/or grandmother used to make and it's a traditional Lithuanian/Polish recipe. (Kim had no idea).

But regardless, it was delicious! Fresh roasted beats, sauteed onions, fresh parsley, and this:

Possibly picked cabbage??? Again, Kim had no idea.

But boy did they taste great with our zucchini fries!

Of course I dipped my fries in ketchup!

Kim even did the dishes despite bringing a dish, wine, AND dessert!

God, I love this woman.

Dessert was homemade by one of Kim's amazing friends, Uriel. This pie had a homemade crust, a layer of caramel, and then chocolate on top. YUMMMMMMM!!!!

Kim also left me the rest of the beet salad and she suggested eating it with a "dressing" made of milk, olive oil, and goat cheese. My milk is now a little suspect so I'll be eating it with goat cheese for lunch tomorrow. I can't wait!

After discussing recipes, though, Kim and I had a huge discussion about the difference between baking and roasting. We wikipedia-ed and read a bunch of cookbooks and couldn't come up with a succinct, clear difference. Thoughts?


  1. hey there! just thought I'd comment and say that dessert looks incredible! Butter + Bread is always tasty! I love zuchinni fries but totally cant do those beets!

    would you recommend Julie and Julia, or is it "wait till rental" type?

  2. hello you awesome girl you...

    just reading your blog and i know the answer to your roasting/baking question! oo oo pick me...

    if you want to know the history: roasting was usually done on a spit fire with a rod, not so much anymore

    now it is very similar to baking except it usually refers to big pieces of meat, poultry, or fish with lots of basting involved (i.e. thanksgiving turkey)

    where baking is for "portion-size foods that are cooked in the oven"
    also roasted foods are sometimes seared first (placing the meat in a really hot pan on the stovetop to seal in all the juices)
    -courtesy of cia textbook! got to love it...

    love your blog -- maybe the heat was a little to high on the can also do that in the oven...
    toss thinly sliced baguette in o.o., s&p, then spread it on a baking sheet, put in a 350-400 degree oven, flip them halfway through, add topping...yours looks great!

    Everything looks great! i'm going to see julie and julia tonight! yay! though i did want to read the book first...oh to you soon..

    xoxo jenn-ben

  3. Being Healthier - I think "Julie and Julia" is worth the ticket, especially as a food blogger, yourself! Enjoy!

    Jenn - Thanks for the clarification and tips on making bruschetta. My bruschetta was only so-so so PLEASE let me know if you have a great bruschetta recipe! I hope you like the movie - let me know how you like it!!!

  4. Shion, Shion..... get your facts straight. The beet salad is MY recipe, the Lithuanian part was the canned cabbage. The furthest my grandmother went was to open the can, put it in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave.

    Voila, add some potato dumplings and you got a Lithuanian dinner.

  5. Okay, Kim. it's YOUR recipe! :)

    Please share the recipe with my readers!

  6. Shion, Kim told me about your blog and had to check it out. Great job! I'm glad you enjoyed the chocolate tart, it's one of my favorite things to bake (madeline cake, almond/cranberry tart and huguenot torte topping off the list of other favorites). Look forward to reading more on your culinary adventures.