Monday, August 3, 2009

Heaven Must Be Called Levain

Tonight for dinner, I happened upon an amazing sandwich...that I created spontaneously! I bought this really delicious bread from the supermarket bakery (it only had six ingredients including flax seeds!) so I wanted to make sure I ate as much of it as I could before I went on vacation.

I spread a healthy amount of lemon hummus on it, piled on sprouts, layered sliced cucumbers and at the last minute, before I smushed the other piece of bread on top, I decided to add a bit of pesto that will definitely go bad by the time I get back next week. (Sorry the presentation is awful)

Holy yum! The pesto added a bit of saltiness and a wonderful layer of flavor that really complimented the otherwise bland sandwich. I forget why I had gotten the pesto (I'm sure I blogged about it somewhere...) but I may keep it in stock now, considering how amazing this sandwich was!

For dessert, my lovely roommate bought me a treat!

My favorite cookie from Levain! If you haven't experienced a Levain cookie before and you live in the city, you best be heading over to 74th Street ASAP. It's at 167 W. 74th Street which is between Amsterdam and Columbus. They make HEAVENLY cookies that are ginormous and just barely baked.

It's delightfully ooey-gooey inside, rich, and buttery.

Yum! I split this with Nicole and I still felt wonderfully stuffed. They have four different kinds:

  • chocolate chip walnut
  • dark chocolate chocolate chip
  • oatmeal raisin
  • dark chocolate peanut butter chip
I've never seen the dark chocolate chocolate chip there but I've tried the other three and they're all delicious. The bakery is really small and basement level but the smell that greets you when you walk in will make you gain five pounds on the spot. I think that is what heaven must smell like, for sure. Nicole has also tried to brioche which is apparently very good as well.

If you're hanging out on the Upper West Side, you MUST stop by and get a cookie. You will not regret it!!!


  1. sandwich sounds yum! levain cookies are great date cookies, no matter what kind of date... i suggest splitting one on a park bench at riverside ; ) crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, can't beat it!

  2. I saw that bakery on Throwdown with Bobby Flay and have been meaning to try it out. I would only be interested in the Chocolate Chocolate Chip though so maybe I should call before I make the trek:) They look delish!

  3. mmm all the cookies are good.