Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Did you miss me?!

I had a lovely vacation with my family where I enjoyed good eats (naturally), good sleep, good weather, and great company! This is where I was:


Okay, well let's get to work! I know you're dying to know all of the wonderful meals my mother made! Usually, my mom cooks most meals but we try at least one new restaurant when we're there so we can experience something new and give my mom a break. Last year, we went to a great lobster place and loved it so much, we went back a second time in one week. This time, we saw so much great stuff at the supermarket that my mom cooked EVERY MEAL! I didn't take pictures of ALL of them but I'll post the ones I remembered to take.

First though, I'd like to showcase some of my pictures, if you don't mind...

Misty morning

This was in the backyard, behind our cabin

Okay, here we go for reals. We started the vacation off with a lovely bento lunch that my mom had prepared.

The star of the show was the onigiri, Japanese "rice balls" that are usually prepared for portable lunches. My mom had made three kinds - with seaweed inside, spicy cod roe, and salmon. Yum!

Here is the salmon one. It takes a lot of skill to make these!

Sonoko doesn't like her white rice tainted with anything so my mom made her a special lunch. Underneath this gorgeous bento was a layer of pure white rice.

Thankfully, my mother is a wonderful cook and also enjoys clean eating, so we had a lot of fresh fruit for dessert.

She also made these wonderful egg rolls, which are sweetened eggs that are rolled up! These are practically impossible to make.

It was rainy for a couple days over the week so we took the opportunity to go outlet shopping in North Conway. I have been wanting hiking shoes for a while so we stopped by the L.L. Bean outlet to see if we could find some. There was only one pair in my size so I grabbed it right away!

I was so excited about them that I started wearing them right away! We went on a few hikes and as an added bonus (the first being exercise, of course) we saw a lot of edible fruit on the trails. Here is a blueberry bush...

The blueberries were quite small but delicious and sweet.

Also at the cabins, the owners planted raspberry bushes...

And there were also some blackberry bushes on our hikes but not many were black yet. Here is one that is trying really hard to become ripe...

Instead of going to the lobster restaurant this year, my mom bought lobsters at the grocery store so we brought them home to eat with veggies.

Lobster conference!

And here are some other photos of our delicious meals...

This lovely B.L.T. featured maple-smoked bacon. Yum!

Sonoko put together a tonkatsu-sandwich made with panko breaded fried pork my mom had made.

This has always been one of my favorite meals my mom makes and every year, before I went to summer camp, my mom would make this for me. Of course, I would already be anticipating being homesick so I never really ATE the meal...

And here is a lovely lunch of pork cutlets with peppers, potatoes with sour cream, and avocado to eat with rice, seaweed, and soy sauce.

Of course, my dad and I HAD to have pizza. I can't go very long without melted cheese. I guess this was the only thing my mom didn't cook.

One of the highlights of this trip was that the owners of the cabins had puppies! Well, not the owners but the owners' dog, I should say. We started with five and ended the week with only two because they were given away. They were eight weeks old and so cute and furry!

This guy had a hankering for my flip flop...

Okay, back to food. We also had lovely tuna sashimi which was not only delicious but also beautiful!


Miso soup...

My mom's famous potato salad. My sister can put away at least two pounds of this in one sitting. And she's a pretty small girl...

This potato salad is easy on the mayo and chock full of veggies.

Chicken salad.... (much tastier than mine!)

Vegetable pasta which was flavored with just salt and pepper! So good!

And this dish was definitely one of my favorites...

It was chicken flavored with ponzu sauce.

And this was obviously an incomplete plate but I forgot to take pictures of it in its original bowl/plate. Salmon, white rice, and sweet potatoes.

Spencer came to visit and we went to a local ice cream shop with a SICK playground and homemade ice cream. I opted for the raspberry sorbet...

And this size was a small!

Spencer got moose tracks, or something like it. It had caramel and chocolate...yum!

And this is where the magic happened...

Sigh. I miss it already...

I had a wonderful vacation but now it's back to my regular eating habits and exercise regiment! I brought back some food from my mother's fridge again but hopefully you'll see some recipes up soon!


  1. darn, so so hungry now. looks like an amazing vacation with amazing scenery, food, and family!

  2. Loooove the lobster conference!!!

  3. Wow - what a wonderful vacation! Thank you for sharing, Shi!

  4. I'm still thinking about that amazing potato salad, everything your mom makes is so good!

    p.s. I love the new blog name :)

  5. Not a fan of the hiking, but the food looked AMAZING