Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie and Julia

On Friday night, I finally went to go see Julie and Julia! It's taken me and Eli this long to coordinate our schedules for a free night but I refused to see it without her. :)

Eli had made a delicious salad to-go for our movie date. We bought olive bread at Food Emporium (which is ridiculously overpriced) and sat down to a lovely meal. The salad was DELICIOUS!!! It had green beans, beats, and grape tomatoes - all from the farmer's market, I believe. With it, we had creamy goat cheese and a spritz of lime juice. Yum!!! Eli - you must send me the recipe!

Emily tried to introduce me to beets but the couple times I tried it, it was kinda mushy and sweet, which freaked me out. Eli's beets were firmer and while it was still sweet, not overpoweringly sweet. The lime juice also off-set the sweetness so it was just the perfect combination!

Of course, we can't forget dessert! We saved these for the movies since we figured it would make us hungry.

The movie was super cute and Meryl Streep was PHENOMENAL! First of all, I would like to say, that I was immensely happy to see that the first meal Julie made in the movie was a chocolate cream pie. Hers had a homemade crust though, which lead to a conversation between me and Eli about how I should just try once to make a homemade crust for that pie. I usually don't because chocolate cream pie, as you know, is really quick and easy to make, so it's usually the dessert I make when there's a time-crunch. I just grab all the ingredients in the supermarket and after about 15 minutes, I pop it into the fridge and it's ready to go in the morning. I do make a homemade crust for my key lime pie, though, since it requires baking so I've already carved out ample time to make a crust from scratch. Anyway, I digress...

Back to the movie...

I kept forgetting that Meryl Streep actually WASN'T Julia Child. I was more interested in her story than Julie, the blogger, since I didn't know anything about her life. She had a lovely, supportive husband who worked for the US Government and as a result, they traveled the world together. I actually always thought she was French but this movie helped explain why I thought so. I wish they included how she got her tv show but that's just too much of a time span to fit into a movie, I suppose.

I found Julie a little annoying, actually, and couldn't wait until Meryl was back on the screen. Her story didn't really go anywhere because there just isn't much to it. She has no direction in life so she starts a cooking blog, and then she "finds herself." That's really about it. Her story line also goes into her marriage but it wasn't compelling enough for me to be that interested in it.

The movie made me really crave bruschetta on crusty bread sauteed in butter though, and I have been thinking about it ever since. Perhaps I will make it this week! I've never seen a baguette sauteed in a pan before but now I have to try it!

All-in-all I definitely recommend it. It's HILARIOUS and quite touching.

Afterwards, Eli and I walked to Columbus Circle and chatted for about an hour and a half. We of course took pictures to document it. :)

The setting for the first picture was not quite right but it turned out to be kind cool.

Eli also told me that for my birthday, she bought us a class on Wine Tasting 101. I'm sooooooo excited! I am so spoiled by her but as she says, "if you're good to mama, mama's good to you." (Sugar mama, that is)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Yum, that salad looks so good! I totally thought of you when they made the chocolate pie, mmmm. I agree, I loved Meryl.

  2. I can't wait to see Julie & Julia now!!! And Wine Tasting 101? Sounds wonderful. Eli, will you be my mama too? ;)