Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lazy Dinner

My friend Erica came over to hang out tonight and unfortunately, it was just one of those days where I didn't have the energy to be really creative. I was also too lazy to make a list and go food shopping so I just made do with what I already had in the fridge/pantry.

And by pantry, I mean my cupboard. Hey, what do you expect from city living?!

Tonight's dinner was Annie's Mac and Cheese, made with skim milk, and into it, I added a can of tuna, a tablespoon of ketchup, and a sprinkling of pepper. I got this recipe from a cookbook my sister gave me in college called Munchies which is a cook book of really easy recipes for people who do not cook. This was back when I refused to cook and was extremely terrible at it. Macaroni and cheese was all my culinary skills could handle.

In any case, the original recipe calls for a teaspoon or two of hot sauce but I didn't have any so I left it out. I will say, though, the hot sauce really adds a lot of dimension to this dish. I had some broccoli I made the other night so I added that for some nutrition. All in all, hands-on cooking time was about...oh...three minutes?

I really love Annie's Mac and Cheese because not only is it organic and natural but the cheesy sauce isn't too heavy but still delicious. Also because I got these on sale at Whole Foods a couple months ago and it was 3 for $5. I kid you not!

Today was also refined sugar day so Katy, my co-worker, and I went to God Box for some sugary sweetness. God Box is actually the cafeteria at The Inter Church Center right across the street from where I work. It's great because it's pretty cheap and who doesn't love cafeterias?! I mean, you have everything right there in front of you. The choices! Oh my! They call it the God Box because it's where many different religious organizations have their offices and they give your lunch (or breakfast!) in a little box. It's great! One of the best kept secrets of the Upper West Side. Well...not anymore, I guess.

After staring at all of my choices for a while, I picked a carrot cake.

This was NOT good.

Not very tasty and certainly not good for me. It had a terrible chemical taste and while it wasn't too sweet, it tasted really artificial. Of course, I finished it, don't get me wrong, but I didn't feel good about it and it definitely did not make my tummy feel good AT ALL. I think that next week we're going to have to go back to Nussbaum or find another place to get our refined sugar. At least it was cheap, though!

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  1. I totally forgot about the Munchies cookbook! Ha.