Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chili Dark Chocolate

I've been meaning to blog about this new chocolate I discovered a few weeks ago. I saw it in a Duane Reade or Rite Aid and thought it looked intriguing.

I love dark chocolate and I love chilis so I knew this was going to be good. Actually, I wasn't that sure because I made Nicole try it first in case her head blew up or something. She's a good sport.

When you first bite into it, it just tastes like a creamy dark chocolate but after a few seconds you get the heat from the chili. And it's just the heat, not so much the taste of chili. Delicious!

You really feel satiated after a couple squares because it's creamy but the kick from the chili stays with you a while so you don't need another one right away.

Last week, my sister bought some in Montreal for me to try for the blog! She had no idea I had already had it - great minds think alike!

This one was obviously in French. So fun to see both bars together!

My sister had a piece, too, and when she first ate it, she thought it was nothing special. But I told her to wait a little....and....sure enough, she felt the heat. :) I think she liked it?

If you like spicy foods, it's definitely one to try. I love Lindt chocolate in general so you can add broccoli to it and I will still love it.


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  1. i love the chili chocolate..miss you shion, I hope you have a good birthday and hopefully we can get to see each other over the holidays.