Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fast Food

The other day I was quite famished from a hard workout at the gym and all I could think about was eating RIGHT AWAY.

I contemplated getting Subway again and I have to admit, Wendy's even crossed my mind, but I knew that I would regret it later on. Instead, I went to the local produce store and picked up some kale for kale chips which was as close to the french fry-taste I could get without the guilt. I love the feeling of re-fueling after a hard workout with healthy foods so I did all that I could to steer myself away from the fast food restaurants.

Growing up, my mother hardly ever let us eat fast food. In fact, the only time we would eat it was when she was away or working late and my dad would bring us there for a treat. We would then have to hide the evidence by throwing out our trash in the garage so my mom wouldn't see it. :) By now, you all know how healthy my mom is and while I greatly appreciate it now, I didn't always eat my veggies with a smile on my face. Thankfully, because of all this, I don't usually crave fast food but there are always those days where I feel like I can't go on unless I eat satured fat. Gross!

This was one of those days but I put my mind over matter (well, perhaps food cravings are mostly psychological rather than biological anyway) and didn't succumb to my cravings! Well done, Shion!

But I did try to make sure whatever I cooked wouldn't take too much time.

I settled on bbq tofu and kale chips.

First, I preheated the oven to 375 degress and cut up extra-firm tofu into manageable slices.

Then, I poured bbq sauce over it. Maybe 4-5 Tablespoons total.

As much as I can go on and on about how preservatives are bad and that you should eat whole, fresh foods as often as you can, I can't resist Kraft Honey Barbeque Sauce. I actually don't like any other kind of barbeque sauce. This is sweet with a tiny bit of kick and all around delicious!

The beauty of this meal was that it took me about 8 minutes to prepare what goes in the oven.

And then while they baked, I took a shower and got ready for bed. :) Note - there's no reason to grease the tofu pan because some of the liquid from the tofu comes out.

15 minutes later...

I had a lovely meal!

The kale chips discolored a little bit because I normally bake them for 11 minutes instead of 15, but it still tasted great! I also may have added a bit more bbq sauce to some of my tofu pieces. :)
This was a surprisingly filling meal and of course, fast and easy!

I still have four pieces of bbq tofu left so I think I'm going to eat it cheeseburger-style. I'll let you know how that goes...

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