Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guest Post: Beth's Review of Cooking Light

Hi everyone, it’s Shion’s friend Beth here back with another Foodie Wednesday post! Remember I have a blog – www.gettingbydreamingbig.com. Come check me out! Wednesdays may be all about food but Mondays are about books, Tuesdays are about travels and Thursdays are about entertainment. Whatever your interest I have it covered!

Back in May I had this great idea that I was going to review all of the cooking magazines out there and give my unbiased opinion on what I thought of each of the magazines. Well I may be 5 months late but I still think it's a good idea! So here we go.

I reviewed the Cooking Light magazine (seen in the picture - it was May/June). I'll be up front and say that I reviewed Cooking Light first because, well, I love Cooking Light (so much for unbiased). I've previously been a subscriber to their magazine and I have a number of their cook books. I generally find their receipes are easy to follow, light, healthy & delicious. I was excited to re-visit the magazine as a reviewer instead of a reader.

General Format

  • Website Update
  • "Ask Cooking Light" Section
  • Live Green: Be Fit, Eat Smart, Beauty Wise
  • Healthy Living: Good Movies, Enlightened Traveler, Fit House
  • Philosphy: Eat Smart, Be Fit and Live Well
  • Nutrition Essentials (this is a 4 part series and this was the 4th part)
  • Recipe Section: Healthy Fats
  • Recipe Section: Berries
  • Recipe Section: Chicken & Spring Vegetables
  • Recipe Section: Grilled Lunch for a Perfect Day
  • Recipe Section: Dinner Tonight (20 min., 30 min, & 40 min meals)
  • Recipe Section: Eggs Exactly Right
  • Recipe Section: Lighten Up (Reader Recipe)
  • Inspired Vegetarian
  • Test Kitchen Secrets

I liked the clear & concise layout; it was simple with a good variety and short articles. One thing I didn't like was that it wasn't until page 69 that the first recipe appeared; that seemed a little late for me given that it was a cooking magazine. However, I did find all the articles and tidbits that were prior to page 69 helpful to life in general! I counted 61 recipes total in the magazine and I estimated that 19 of them were recipes that I would realistically try. That's about 20%, now granted I am a picky eater so maybe you would do better!!!

I've heard that since I reviewed the magazine or rather since the last magazine I purchased back in May/June that they have revamped the Cooking Light magazine. So I may comeback and review it again! Overall, I would definitely recommend this magazine to a foodie who is health conscious and looking for a lighter fare that consists of fairly simple recipes.

Next two magazine reviews will be: Everyday with Rachel Ray and Bon Appetit. Have a favorite foodie magazine that you'd like to see me review? Post it in the comments!

Post in Comments:

Do you read Cooking Light? Do you generally like their recipes? If yes, do you have a favorite Cooking Light recipe?

Mine would be a tossup between Couscous Salad Cups and Cinnamon Raspberry Filled Muffins!

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