Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I went down to Philly this weekend for a Barnard reunion with friends I've known since I was a first-year. The gang included me (obviously), Erica, Jen and Colette (our lovely hostess). We have gorgeous weather, fun times, and lots of eating :)

We got to Philly at around 10:30 on Friday and immediately headed over to Tin Angel for a Pat McGee concert! Thankfully, Pat was almost half an hour late and his 1 1/2 hour set turned into a 2 1/2 hour one. Yessssss! We all know I love my Pat McGee and this was the perfect way to start the weekend.

We woke up early to walk around Philly to see some sights...

And then headed over to Max Brenners for brunch. As much as I love chocolate, I couldn't bring myself to eat it as my first meal. Instead, I had coffee with soymilk...

...and a lovely vegetable omelet with swiss cheese, home fries, and a biscuit.

Well, I guess I did have a chocolate because I did smear a bit on my biscuit...

The omelet was nothing to write home about but it did give me a new idea to cut down on my cheese consumption. Instead of putting cheese inside the omelet, if you melt a little bit on top so you still get the taste without all the calories.

Erica, though, got a brownie sundae for brunch:

Very impressive! I think that's the biggest sundae I've ever seen. You go, girl!

We then headed over to the park to throw around a rugby ball.

We went back to Colette's and then had a workout in the pool. We may be 26 but we can still enjoy water aerobics. I didn't realize what a hard workout it could be until the next day when I woke up super sore!

After working up an appetite, Colette took us to one of her favorite restaurants - El Vez. Amy and Milan even stopped by!

Erica and I started with the guacamole and chips. YUM!!!

It tasted really fresh and had big chunks of avocado in it. It wasn't too lime-y or too salty -- just right!

For my main meal, I got an appetizer because I had filled up on guac. It was a red snapper ceviche.

The description on the menu did not describe what it actually was. Essentially, it was raw red snapper that was maybe marinated with a ponzu sauce and had shredded radish and cucumber on top..and a bit of cilantro? The green is avocado puree and it also had orange slices as an accent.

Here's what the menu described it as: "guajillo citrus, avocado puree, crispy plantains."


It was delicious though and I highly enjoyed it. Although if I did have a small complaint, it would be that the ponzu overpowered the red snapper a bit and you couldn't really taste the fish that well.

I'm trying to hold true to my new philosophy: "don't order something you can make at home." It's working pretty well so far because it's making me go out on a limb and explore new culinary territory.

Here's what Erica got:

Erica always gets the fun dishes! I tasted a bit of it and it was AMAZING! Next time I'm in Philly, I'm getting the nachos!

For dessert I ordered churros with chocolate sauce...

...but they turned out to be undercooked so I just ate the ends of each one. A bit disappointing!

The rest of the weekend included late night dancing in the apartment, waking up EARLY to watch Ryan Hall in the Philly Half-marathon, seeing Amy's new apartment, more park, and more fun!

The city itself was so pretty and CLEAN! Coming back to New York was a bit hard but it does have its charm, I guess.

Thanks Colette for having us!!!


  1. It was good eating times in Philly! Amazing documentation of an awesome weekend. Definitely good times. Must repeat it soon! Haha And I don't always get the fun dishes...I was mad envious of your omlet and chocolate-dipped biscuit. :) I will never diss the water aerobics again.