Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Magnolia Cupcakes

After an exhausting Saturday, I knew it was going to take A LOT of energy to go out. Thankfully, Eli and Spencer came out to Queens to see me!

We dined at Foxy's Diner on Queens Boulevard and 44th where the service is great! We ended the meal with the most perfect dessert - Magnolia cupcakes - courtesy of Eli. :)

She had just picked these up just an hour earlier so they were still fresh and delicious. Now, I'm not a cupcake connoisseur in any way shape or form, but these were AMAZING! I've had Magnolia cupcakes in the past but usually they were a tad bit too sweet and the cake portion a bit heavy. But these were nice and light and delicious!

I had the red velvet cupcake...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE cream cheese frosting!!! 'Twas DE-licious! Didn't hurt my cavity at all ;) I also may have had a piece of the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting... (equally yummy)

Spencer had big chipmunk cheeks here but it's a bit hard to tell. Needless to say, we ALL enjoyed these!

I had been told that the uptown Magnolia was not as good as the one downtown but now I'm going to HAVE to go over there to taste test ;)

4 stars for Magnolia!

In other news, I've been receiving a bunch of free samples in the mail lately through Wisebread - a great blog! Not only does it have great articles about managing your money (as we all know I love to do) but it also has a listing of free giveaways! I've gotten BearNaked cereal and these fun things:

Mostly cereal samples but I also have tea coming my way as well as soy butter and chapstick. Now if only I could find a website that'll send you fresh produce for free...


  1. night and amazing cupcakes!!

  2. Magnolia's chocolate/chocolate cupcake is my absolute fave!!! That Fiber One cereal and those Fiber One bars are delish - I'll have to check Wisebread out.