Monday, September 7, 2009

My Date

As I mentioned in my previous post, my mom and I had a movie date to go see "Still Walking" on Friday. It was even better the second time around! It was fun seeing it with my mom because there were moments where we looked at each other during the film because a scene or character reminded us of certain family members. My mom is someone who truly enjoys the movie experience (there were moments when she was one of a few audience members laughing because she actually understood the Japanese and its nuances), which made it ten times more enjoyable than seeing it on my own!

I had work all day so I tried to make something that wouldn't get soggy by the time we were ready to eat. I decided on using the rest of my funny-looking pasta to make a pasta salad!

I stopped by the farmers market on Thursday and got these fresh veggies.

I could not get over how beautiful these green beans were!


I also added sliced red onions.

The "dressing" including a cup of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, a tablespoon on mustard, a teaspoon of cumin, and salt and pepper to taste.

They were delicious the first night but unfortunately, the pasta absorbed a lot of the dressing the second day so it was just a tad dry. Note to self - next time, make it for THAT day.

The movie featured a great scene with corn tempura and using corn that Amy's mom gave us yesterday, my mom made corn tempura for the first time ever this morning. For a trial run, they came out pretty delicious!

It had wonderful crunch and the corn was nice and sweet!

I may have already mentioned this but I'm not a fan of tempura sauce so as a kid, I never really liked tempura (also because they were fried veggies and I did NOT like vegetables when I was younger). When I lived in Kyoto for a year, my host parents suggested that I eat it with a little salt sprinkled on top instead of dipping it in tempura sauce. This little suggestion changed my life!

Now I can enjoy tempura! I will say though that not only did I sprinkle a bit of kocher salt on these but I also MAY have dipped them in ketchup. (Don't tell my mom!)


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  1. that salad looks awesome! I am going to have to try a version ^_^ love love love this blog!!!!