Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping Fun

On Friday, my co-worker Katy and boss Mary Ann took a field trip to Costco and Stew Leonard's. A trip to Costco always makes me happy! Whoever thought of Costco was a genius! I(Thank you, Mr. Costco for making my Friday fun) I mean, just seeing bulk packages makes my heart flutter!

Ah...the beauty...

I realize that not everything is necessarily a good deal there, especially if it's something you don't normally buy and end up throwing away. But a few things are always worth it: books, gum, and drugs.

We were there for work purposes but we did manage to sneak in some samples...

I had to take a picture of this for Fanta...

I think my favorite sample was the sea salt flavor Riceworks. They were crunchy and delicious and just the right amount of salty. Yum!

I may or may not have gone back for a second sample. Don't worry - Katy and I were very stealth.

We then headed over to Stew Leonard's, which was more exciting not only because I've never been there before but also because we were greeted by this upon arrival:

Larry the Lobster was just the start of the fun!

For those of you who are also unfamiliar with Stew Leonard's, it started as a small dairy store in Connecticut in the 20s. The actual merchandise didn't seem that spectacular but it's the sights, sounds, and smells that make it really special. The decor is very farm-like and family-friendly and there's so much to take in!

Apple cidar donuts were made right in front of us! I could've watched this process forever. So mesmerizing...

I added this sign in the post because my mom has a fascination with muffin tops - but not this kind of muffin top...

This banana-woman sang AND danced!

Love the old-school packaging!

Mary Ann treated us to lunch as a thank-you, but I had eaten so many samples that I wasn't really hungry. But when I smelled the freshly roasted nuts, I had to get them! I went for the cashews and was NOT disappointed.


All-in-all, Stew Leonard's didn't impress me too much. I LOVED the decor but I don't think I would shop there again only because the food was a bit overpriced. The produce didn't seem extraordinarily fresh and the other items were all things I could find elsewhere. Although, I do think that the baked goods may have been worth it...

It was exciting to discover a new store, though, and certainly entertaining. I give Stew Leonard's 3 1/2 stars.

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  1. man maybe i should have gotten kh's snuggie from there. did you see whether they had the snuggie for pets? i could use about five of those for kh... :)