Friday, October 30, 2009

Apple Cidar Yummyness

Sorry I'm still a bit MIA. I'm still working out the kinks with my apartment and I actually have no kitchen supplies (including a knife!) since I left it at my parents house. I'm going home this weekend to pick up some essentials so hopefully I will be cooking next week!

The farmer's market near my work sells apple cidar donuts among many other delicious fall treats. The other day I decided to splurge and spend the $1 which bought me two!

They're whole wheat donuts that come plain or with sugar.

Sooooooooo good!!! They didn't have any plain left the first time I went so I got the sugared, which was a tad too sweet for me. I went back again yesterday and finally tried the plain which was exponentially better! It's really not that sweet and is light and fluffy inside. It also has a hint of cinnamon in it - which I love. I kept them on my desk for about 5 hours and they weren't stale at all!

Fresh and delicious!

This may become a Thursday ritual :)

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