Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beer Goes with IKEA

Katy came over last night to help me assemble my kitchen table and chairs from IKEA. Gosh, I love that store!

We knew that we were in for the long haul so we decided the pumpkin ale was in order. I had never tried it and Katy's been raving about fruit beers for quite a while.

This brew was quite enjoyable, I have to say. I usually never finish my beers and I had every last drop of this one. The first sip was quite surprising - it was very spicy with a hint of pumpkin. As I kept sipping though, the pumpkin flavor came out and I think I just got more used to the spice. Yum! Katy said that this was one of her less favorite pumpkin ales but I thought it was DElicious!!! Will try another kind, for sure.

And then we tackled this guy...

It's a good thing I was drinking alcohol while assembling these pieces because even though we ran into a few kinks here and there, I didn't mind at all! It was actually pretty easy to assemble (thanks to my power tools.) I'd like to add a disclaimer - I do not advise drinking and using power tools normally but I knew that I could handle it. And if you're saying to yourself, "one beer shouldn't really have an effect on someone's faculties," clearly you have never met me. In any case, it came out beautifully...

We then sat down to dinner at my newly built table:

Yup, that was dinner. And boy was it goooooood. Katy's mom made homemade German Chocolate Cake with a lovely coconut frosting. It was one of the best cakes I've ever eaten in my whole entire life. No joke.

Thanks, Katy's mom!!!


  1. oooooooooh german chocolate cake!

  2. I love German Chocolate Cake...maybe I should try making one soon...chocolate & coconut - yum!!! I like your table too:) Pumpkin Ale, I'm skeptical but if you liked it maybe I would too!!!