Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friends, Chocolate, Cheese, and Wine

What a winner combination!

Beth had gone to Germany for 10 days and came back with a wonderful gift - chocolate! She got four different kinds of Milka and she invited me over to join her and her sister Kate for a chocolate tasting! Yay!

We tasted milk chocolate filled with:
  • lime and yogurt
  • strawberry
  • blueberry and yogurt
  • strawberry and yogurt
My favorite was the blueberry yogurt flavored milk chocolate. It was nice, mousse-y, light and full of flavor! It smelled WONDERFUL as well!

Beth had made up little printed cards so we could keep track of what we were tasting. It had categories like "appearance", "aroma", and "texture." So cute!

We had a blast trying all of the flavors. We started out with the lime which turned out to have pop rocks in it! What a surprise!!! We cautiously ate the rest of the three, waiting for the pop rocks, but thankfully they were pop rock-free! :) Let me tell you - those were some POWERFUL pop rocks. You could actually hear them in other people's mouths and they lasted a long time. Wow!

The other ones were really delicious. They were creamy and wonderful and each very unique.

We also enjoyed the chocolate with a Grenache from Spain!

The Grenache from my wine tasting with Eli was so delicious and enjoyable (and my first!) so I definitely wanted another one. Also because Beth had never tasted it before. It did NOT disappoint!

And of course, we had cheese with the wine as well.

With wheat thins and garlic kashi crackers, we tasted a fontina cheese, a camembert with herbs and a Norwegian cheese my mom got from a co-worker.

Now this is a lot of cheese!

It was soft, slightly sweet and yummy! Thanks, Mommy! We all enjoyed it very much. :)

Beth also presented me with my birthday gift:

A sampling of bars! Perfect for a food blogger to try out! I've always wanted to try the thinkThin bars and I recently started LOVING the blueberry flavor CLIF bar. I'm so excited to try all of them out! Beth also got me a gift certificate to Starbucks so I can enjoy many a pumpkin spice soy misto. THANK YOU!!!

I also got a wine book from Emily and a gift certificate to Sur La Table from Sarah.

I've never heard of Sur La Table but after checking out their website I am thoroughly pleased to pick up some goodies!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday, ladies! I love you and am so thankful to have you all in my life :)

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  1. We're going to have to plan another chocolate & wine night sometime soon!!! So fun!!!