Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ramen Weekend

I went home to Jersey this weekend to spend some time with my dad since my mom is visiting my brother in Seattle for 10 days. Now, we all know by now that my mom is the cook in the family so when she's gone, that's when the "Daddy food" comes in. Even though my mom worked full-time most of my childhood, she was hardly away for meals. But when she was, you could pretty much expect to be eating ramen, pizza, or restaurant/fast food.

This weekend was no different.

Last night, we went out to Batten Ramen in Fort Lee. My dad picked me up from the bridge and we went to Sunmerry, a Japanese bakery, where I bought my third melon pan in two weeks and then headed over to eat dinner.

It's a small restaurant in Oak Tree Plaza (for those of you familiar with Fort Lee) and they have great ramen for reasonable prices. We both got the Batten Ramen, which is a tonkotsu ramen:

And on the side we had fried squid legs (not pictured) which was a Japanese version of fried calamari and gyoza, of course!

Super yummy! I couldn't finish my ramen since we split two appetizers - definitely a first.

Today, my dad made curry ramen for the both of us, using homemade curry my mom had left for my dad to eat.

All he did was make instant ramen noodles and then add some curry. So easy!

Don't worry, Mommy, we had some vegetables too!

I just want to say, that it is a GOOD THING that my parents don't live in Manhattan because I would probably never leave home. I definitely have the BEST.PARENTS.EVER!!!

Off to bed!

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  1. Batten Ramen looks tasty! Glad you had a good evening with you dad. :)