Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot Pocket

As I've said before on this blog, when I was growing up, we hardly ate fast food or even frozen food. We did though eat Ellio's pizza which were always a special treat.

The only time I would be able to indulge in "junk food" was when I went to other people's houses. One friend in particular would always have Hot Pockets as a snack. I always looked forward to going over to her house :)

In college, I went crazy my senior year and gained my Senior 10-15 since I wasn't on a meal plan and had to "make" my own food. Food included canned soup, mac and cheese and Hot Pockets.

Anyway, the other day I had read that you should really only be eating about two squares of cheese in one sitting (which would each equal about the size of the thumb) and I panicked since I've been eating MUCH more than that on my pizzas. In an effort to decrease my cheese consumption on my pizzas, I stumbled upon something that tasted EXACTLY LIKE A HOT POCKET! I kid you not!

It's basically the regular pizza I make but I doubled the amount of spinach I put on it and lessened the cheese to an actual serving and popped it in the toaster.



And then roll it all up!

Even though there's not a lot of cheese, you still get cheese in every bite. And I have to say, this Whole Foods marinara sauce is the best jarred sauce I've ever tasted!

I tried this combination on a whole wheat tortilla but it doesn't taste as good. You need to Lavash bread because it's much breadier and more like a Hot Pocket crust. This is certainly not my most genius creation but it's easy, relatively healthy, and delicious!

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