Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hot Sauce and Decorating

Hello, meet my new kitchen appliance! I can easily do without a microwave but not having an oven toaster is non-negotiable. When I want toast, I WANT TOAST! And it's so easy to broil things, melt cheese, and even bake with this lovely appliance. And now that I'm paying for gas in my apartment, this saves me some money as well!

The best part is: with my Bed, Bath and Beyond gift certificate and coupon...the grand total ended up being....$0!!! Like the time I got my mini-food processor :) Woot!

Okay, not to get back to last night. I came to the realization that I need to go grocery shopping.

The contents of my fridge are now reduced to...Stonyfield blueberry yogurt, parmesan cheese, eggs, Laughing Cow and tofu. Actually, now that I'm writing it out I'm thinking I could make a meal out of that...

In any case, last night I dumped whatever I had onto two pieces of TOASTED bread.

I threw together some Laughing Cow cheese, spinach, mustard, turkey, and of course, HOT SAUCE!!!

Hot sauce makes the world go 'round...

It was delicious!

And even more so because I ate it on my new holiday/winter placemat!

And while I'm talking about decorating. I put some scrapbook paper in my picture frames the other day to put in my bedroom.

The picture frames are rather large and there's not much that fits in there. The mat is also this weird tan/beige shade that did NOT work with my wall color so I just took the mat and black and white photos I had in there and replaced it with a little color.

It was quick, easy, and cheap yet brings a whole new dimension to the room. I highly recommend it. Especially for people who have white walls. You can do a whole wall of these with cheap frames and it instantly adds style to your room.


  1. That wall is so beige. Miss you!

  2. And by beige, I mean fabulously beige, the way it was intended. :)

  3. Emily, if I decide to repaint it so it doesn't look like Barbie Dream House, don't worry - I'll invite you back to help paint. ;)