Friday, December 25, 2009

Goodness, I love our tree...

Merry Christmas

I hope that whether or not you're celebrating Christmas, you are enjoying your day!

Last night, my family had Christmas Eve dinner together since my sister is off visiting her in-laws today. My brother is here from Seattle and we were super excited to see him! I hadn't seen him since my sister's wedding although the rest of my family saw him more recently.

He came equipped with his new video camera to show us his very own two-bedroom apartment!

He also came back with several new piercings!

My sister made spiced pecans which were very delicious.

Check out her Christmas accessories! Her necklace lit up and her earrings were Christmas trees! Don't worry - we didn't let her out of the house like that.

And then it was time for presents!

Then dinner!

The menu featured Japanese hamburgers that are made with a mix of veal, pork, and beef and are flavored with onions, oats, soy sauce...etc.

I don't like to eat meat but I will never turn down one of my mom's hamburgers!

And now....


our Christmas tree!!!!!

I'm not sure if you can really tell but the star on top of the tree is a wonderfully multi-colored blinking star. When we were younger, my siblings and I BEGGED for multi-colored lights on the tree but my mom refused since white lights looked classier and nicer, so she gave in and let us get this really gaudy star instead. It doesn't match the rest of the tree but now I won't let my mom get rid of it since it used to be my favorite thing on the tree. Oh, the things kids will get attached to...

It's super huge! Although it's hard to tell since there's no reference, really. I think it's the fattest tree we've ever gotten! Maybe not the tallest but certainly the biggest...

My parents and I decorated on Saturday before my siblings got home. It was quite an ordeal as there were ladders involved. My Dad and I were in charge of stringing the lights and boy, was that a whole production. I realized that there are two kinds of people in the world - people who are meticulous about stringing lights and people who are not and just literally toss the lights on the tree. I think you can guess which one I am. I have to say that my Dad was very particular about making sure every square foot of the tree had a certain amount of lights on it. Now we know where some of my anal-retentiveness comes from...

In any case, I think the three of us did a great job! A lot of our ornaments are from Europe since my parents both traveled extensively before the kiddies were born. Most of them are made from natural fabrics and materials instead of those round, glass ornaments that most American trees have. It's very unique!

And now... a showcase of some of my favorite ornaments!

When my family lived in San Francisco, my mom took plain red and white ornaments and decorated them with ribbon and beads to give them some more character. Here are two of them:

And then she let my four year old sister decorate one:


This is an ornament my brother made me a few years ago when we all exchanged Christmas ornaments. It has my nickname in Japanese on it and a drawing of me!!! I used to have a big, puffy white coat that made me look like a marshmallow.

This is one my mom bought because it reminded her of me with my crazy morning hair. I was cursed/blessed with really wavy hair and as a child, my mom would have to chase me around the house to brush my hair in the morning. Ever since I was a baby, I had hair that stood pretty much straight up. Think: Elvis hair as a fro.

And this crocheted princess is part of a group of eight. Every year, my sister and I would play with them and act out ball scenes. Of course, she got first pick and took all the pink and purple dresses and gave me all the non-girly ones. Perhaps this is why I love yellow and blue now...

I like this shot because I happen to have placed my disco ball ornament (given to me by my dad) next to it. It looks like she's having a dance party! :)

Alrighty, well I'm off to finally get out of my PJs and properly celebrate Christmas!


  1. Goodness, I love that tree! This is my favorite post of yours, ever :)

  2. What a beautiful tree! I love all the ornaments. Looks like a great Christmas! :)

  3. Love the ornaments Shi & the tree! Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!!!

  4. wow, I miss those hamburgers soooooo much. great pics! :)