Friday, January 22, 2010

Glo-ing with Happiness

For a few weeks now, Beth has been telling me that she got me a "surprise" for my blog but was waiting on it to ship. I could not for the life of me figure out what it could be so imagine my surprise when she presented me with Glo Bars made by Angela from Oh She Glows, a blog I occasionally read. Angela had been sending out shipments to some of our favorite bloggers and I had to say, I was very curious about them.

They're vegan granola bars and an off-shoot of this recipe I made last year.

They come packaged nicely:

There were five types of granola bars in the box:

This cranberry one was my favorite. I am not usually a big fan of dried fruit but after eating several granola bars without it, I realized how much it adds to the bar. It's sweet and gives it a different texture. The bar was chewy and refreshing!

This was nothing like I've ever had before. Because it has coffee grinds in it, it smelled wonderful and definitely perked me up.

This was my second favorite because of the coconut. It's chock full of them but it's not that fake coconut sweetness. Just the coconut flavor and texture.

This was the original and closest to the delicious bars I made last summer. I wasn't that impressed with it though. In fact, it was quite bland. I guess that's what healthy, nutritiousness does to granola bars.

And I was surprised to find that this Revive bar was my least favorite. In fact, I threw it out after a few bites because it had the weirdest after taste and was also a bit bland. Don't let the chocolate flavor fool you. I think it's more carob than chocolate and has a hint of cocoa powder in it. Something was just not right with it.

All in all though, I was impressed by these homemade, vegan granola bars. They keep you full and the ingredients list makes you feel good. (And also makes you feel like maybe you can make them yourself?)

The calorie count is a bit high for a snack but again, it's chock full of good nutrition that I can get past it. I would definitely visit to check it out!

Thanks, Beth!


  1. Yay I'm glad you liked them, or well most of them! I've only had 3, 2 left before I review them, but I'll make sure to link back to you:) Next we have to plan our trip to MADE!!!